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If you would like to learn how to chant Torah or read Haftarah, please contact us and we will get you the help you need.

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Please join us for these upcoming events...
Our Shabbat Services Take Place in the RCHP Parlor.


Torah Study Sessions Led By Gil Bashe
In-depth Torah study sessions explore the Parsha using Chassidic and Classical Kabbalist commentary to draw out deeper, mystical and spiritual interpretation.
Each First Shabbat of the Month (starting back in Nov.) Promptly at 9:15AM at the RCHP Annex.

Discussion Group Series Led By Judy Petsonk
Drawing Spiritual Sustenance from Judaism
Discuss one chapter a month of Chapters of the Heart: Jewish Women Sharing the Torah of Our Lives.
Each Third Shabbat of the Month promptly at 9:15AM at the RCHP Annex.

Siddur Themes Discussions Led by Joe Rosenstein
Check the Minyan schedule for specific themes for the next discussion.
Fifth Shabbat of the Month (2017:  April, September, December) Promptly at 9:15AM at the RCHP Annex

July 29 - Alternative format* & Zmirot Shabbat Morning Services (No Torah Reading) 10AM at the  RCHP Annex  followed by a pot-luck lunch at 12:30PM

Special session led by Joe Rosenstein:

Responding to Tragedy: The Varied Voices of Lamentations Chapter 3

The third chapter of Eichah is quite amazing in that it does not present a single response to the destruction of the first Temple; indeed it is an amalgam of different voices. We will read the chapter, listen to those voices, and reflect  on what lessons they can teach us.

July 31 -Tisha B'av Services 9PM at the Bashe Home in Edison

August 5 - Shabbat Morning Services 10AM at the  RCHP Annex  followed by a pot-luck lunch at 12:30PM

August 13 - Volunteer Food Preparation at Elijah's Promise (Every Second Sunday of the Month)
Elijah's Promise has moved to a noon lunch service for its clients.
Meet at about 10:00 AM to help prepare the meal.
People wishing to help serve the meal should be at Elijah's Promise by 11:45 AM.
Contact Jerry Langer to sign up or for more information

August 19 - Shabbat Morning Services 10AM at the  RCHP Annex  followed by a pot-luck lunch at 12:30PM

The Minyan now has an On-Timers Roster, which is called upon early in the week prior to Shabbat services, to commit to being on time (10AM) for Shabbat services. Our last few Shabbats we began services with a full Minyan. This means that we are also able to recite the Mourners Kaddish early in the service, during P'sukei d'Zimra. We are looking for a few more volunteers. Please contact David Rogoff, dvdgrog@aol.com, and let him know if you can commit to helping us start as a congregation of ten.

Please Note - The 2017 Membership Directory is at the Bottom of this Page. The Password is in the February, 2016 Dues Mailing.

2017 HP Minyan Board Meeting Schedule--All paid members are welcome to attend.
January 8, February 5 (No Meeting), Feb. 26,  March 26, May 7, June 4, July 2, August 6, September 3, October 1, November 5, December 3

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The Highland Park Minyan features traditional egalitarian Shabbat morning services with spirited singing, serious davening, uninhibited discussions, and delicious lunches.  We meet the first, third (and fifth) Shabbat of the month and we warmly welcome visitors and new members to join us. (Please retrieve and return the attachment below if you wish to become a member.)
We also hold services on all the Jewish holidays and on periodic Friday evenings.  We have regular study sessions and shabbatons.
                                                                                                                 Purim 5773/2013
Birkat haChamah Learning Session 5769 (Next Session Prior to April 8, 2037)                                                                                                       
                                                                                           Tu Bishivat 5769/2009
We participate monthly in a local soup kitchen and in collecting food for the local hungry, and we sponsor an annual Tzedakah Collective.
  • We are egalitarian:  all of our services are conducted by our members; men and women participate fully in all ritual activities.
  • We are inclusive:  we welcome all Jews and all those who are interested in Judaism.
  • We are diverse:  our members are all ages, and include singles and families.
  • We are child friendly:  we have children’s programs and provide childcare. 
  • We are transdenominational:  our members have a variety of backgrounds and levels of Jewish observance; in our discussions, all questions and comments are welcome.
  • We are traditional:  our services are traditional, although somewhat abbreviated.
  • We are innovative:  members are welcome to introduce new approaches into the services.
The Highland Park Minyan has been meeting for over 35 years. Click here for directions.
You are invited to check our Prayer ServicesCalendar and Tikkun Olam pages to see some of our planned activities.
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