High Holy Day Payment

 2020/5781 Registration Fees (Includes All Holiday Services)

Machzors will be available for loan with a cash security deposit. Anyone who wants to buy a machzor should contact Joe Rosenstein directly at joer@dimacs.rutgers.edu rather than ordering one online in August to be sure of getting a copy in a timely manner.
Paid Minyan Members & Their Family
Each Household                                        $18
Non-Members and Minyan Alumni
Each Household                                        $25

Young Adult Attendees Under 35 Years Old
Welcome to the Highland Park Minyan
High Holy Day Services. If you are under
35 years old.

Each Household                                        $10

If cost is an issue, please let us know and then submit your registration without payment.
You may pay your High Holy Days fees and any additional contributions via Credit Card or your PayPal account, below, or via your timely check made out to Highland Park Minyan and mailed to Highland Park Minyan, c/o David Glanz, 401 Graham Street, Highland Park, NJ 08904. If you use your credit card or PayPal, the first Step is the first row of PayPal "boxes" below, as appropriate. Step 2 is consideration of a holiday contribution and the third step is check out in the shopping cart. You can also check out from any of the previous steps.

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