February 5-6, 3009 Shabbaton

Dear Chaveirim,

On the Shabbat of December 4th and 5th the Highland Park Minyan will have the good fortune to experience a Shabbaton with Gabbai Seth Fishman, a protege of Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.  Please join us at the Minsky home (337 N. 5th Ave., Edison) on Friday February 5 and then at the Annex of the RCHP on Saturday, February 6.

Gabbai Fishman "will talk about Halachah and Davenology."  He will "aim to help us make davening a sincere, spiritually uplifting, meaningful experience, balancing tradition and innovation and achieving an ideal of inclusiveness while retaining our particular identity and traditions.  This lends itself to the discussions of psycho-halachah which has not typically been viewed as a democratic process; but which, it turns out as Reb Zalman frames it, has always been so.  So we may look at the authority of a community's making halachic decisions."  Gabbai Fishman "had in mind a sharing by anyone who wants to try to explain their sense of Reb Zalman'sinfluence on them personally, or on Judaism, or on the world."

Additional details and schedule will follow.
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