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Hebrew Calendar of Events and Readings

  1.  Jewish Calendar Tools

National Havurah and Havurot

  1. National Havurah Committee
  2. National Havurah Committee Directory of Havurot
  3. The Mark Frydenberg Siddur from the Progressive Chavurah in Boston
  4. List of Reconstructionist Congregations and Havurot
  5. Other Siddurs, Benchers and Downloads

Singing and Chanting

  1. Great Singing for Extra Ruach. The National Havurah Committee points you to these sources.



  1. Torah Readings
  2. Ellie's Torah Trop Tutor
  3. Torah and Haftorah portions, text (voweled and Tikun-style) and audio
  4. Trop Study Lessons from Congregation Beth El of Sudbury River Valley (Rabbi Lawrence Kushner)
  5. Tips for Learning to Chant from the National Havurah Committee
  6. Tanach on Demand
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Megilla reading is directly from the megillah. This is like leyning from the Torah in that there are no vowels and trope markings and hence no punctuation. There is a special trope (cantillation).
  1. Hazzan Mike Weis has a series of YouTube videos teaching megillah trope (intended for those who already leyn from the Torah and/or chant haftarah):
  2. Ellie Wackerman's web site is another option:

  3. This is an interesting article on Ritual Well Repeating Verses During the Megillah Reading by R' Julia Andelman

    The article explains the tradition of repeating certain verses and suggests a more egalitarian alternative.



  1. How to Do Hagbah from the National Havurah Committee

Instructions for Being a Gabbai

  1. How to Be a Gabbai from the National Havurah Committee

Divrei Torah

  1. The Page - Torah Study Opportunities on the Net
  2. Sefaria
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Content by Highland Park (NJ) Minyan Members

  1. Siddur Eit Ratzon - Joe Rosenstein
  2. Articles on Jewish Subjects - Joe Rosenstein
  3. Meditation with Joe Rosenstein
  4. Queen of the Jews - Judy Petsonk
  5. Taking Judaism Personally - Judy Petsonk
  6. A Guide to Intermarriage - Judy Petsonk

Jewish Community

  1. Highland Park Conservative Temple - Congregation Anshe Emeth
  2. Congregation Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple
  3. Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County
  4. Other Area Synagogues and Havurot (Listed by Ahavas Yisrael of Edison, NJ)
  5. The Bildner Center - Rutgers University
  6. The Israel Hour - WRSU Rutgers
  7. Edison Highland Park Bulletin Board
  8. Highland Park and New Brunswick Eruv

Jewish Content on the Web

  1. Perek Yomi: A Chapter A Day
  2. Shamash Home Page
  3. Shamash Jewish Resources
  4. Maven Search - Jewish On-line Directory
  5. Israel Search Engine
  6. Synagogue Search
  7. Jewish Links
  8. Totally Jewish Travel
  9. Jewish Learning
  10. Rutgers Free Jewish Studies On Line

New Jersey

  1. Highland Park, NJ
  2. The Home News Tribune On-line
  3. Rutgers
  4. New Jersey On-line

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Primary Jewish Sources & Resources

  1. Free Primary Jewish Sources and Resources on the Internet

High Holiday Melodies

 For each of these, the first link is the most "listenable"/relevant to the HP Minyan davvening mode. The second one, in parentheses, either gives the original recording, an alternate recording, or in the case of Hayom, an alternative melody. Number is page number from Machzor Eit Ratzon.
    YK Ma'ariv (Kol Nidre) [most of these links no longer work...]
    KN1 HaNeshamah Lach 53 (Carlebach)
    KN2 Hu Ya’aneinu 68
    KN3 Rachamana 69 (Lubavitch)
    KN3 Avinu Malkeinu 70
    RH & YK Musaf
    M1 K’vakarat Roeh Edro 301 (Carlebach)
    M2 Ki Ch’Shimcha 302 (Acheinu melody)
    M3 Ein Kitzvah 303 (Idelson - Modzitz march tune, alt. recording of Ein Kitzvah)
    M5 V’Chol Ma’aminim 1 305 (Carlebach Shomrim melody)
    M7 V’Ye’etayu 308 (alt. recording of V'Ye'etayu)
    M8 Galeh 310 (Carlebach)
    M9 Ki Anu Amecho 321
    M10 Adon HaSlichot 330
B’Sefer Chayim 336 (alt. recording of B'Sefer Chayim)
    M12 Hayom 337 (Taubman; alt. melody to Hayom)