Prayer Services

 The Highland Park Minyan features traditional egalitarian Shabbat morning services with spirited singing, serious davening, uninhibited discussions, and delicious lunches. We have services on all the Jewish holidays, and periodically, on Friday evenings.  We warmly welcome new members to join us. 
We meet at 10:00 am on the first and third (and fifth) Shabbat of every month in the Parlor at the Annex of the Reformed Church of Highland Park.  Following services, at about 12:30pm, we share a pot-luck lunch.

Prayer Services

Our services are peer-led and consist of selections from the traditional P’sukei d’Zimrah and a full Shacharit service, all with much chanting and singing.  We use a new siddur (Siddur Eit Ratzon for our services.  The siddur was developed by one of our members. 
We read from the Torah following the triennial cycle, so that we read approximately one third of the parshah each time we meet.  After the haftarah is chanted, one of our members initiates a discussion related to the parshah.  After the Torah is returned to the Ark, the service concludes at about 12:45pm with Aleinu, Kaddish, and Adon Olam. 

Leyning and Torah Reading

Follow this link for information about leyning and reading haftorah.

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Everyone is invited to attend a kosher dairy/pareve pot luck lunch immediately following services.  We provide challah, wine and grape juice for all, and each person (except first-timers) brings a kosher dairy or pareve dish (main dishes, side dishes, salads, vegies, deserts, fruit, seltzer, water, and the like) which serves six to eight people.  Fish is fine.  If you are inviting guests, please be sure to bring enough food for six to eight people per guest invited.
Our pot lucks follow the "two table" model for dealing with kashrut in a diverse community. One table is for food that is all vegetarian and fish with fins and scales, and the other table is for food that is also vegetarian and fish with fins and scales, AND carries a hechsher (kosher certification), OR is made of only hechshered ingredients and cooked in a kitchen that uses only hechshered products. This ensures that everyone can eat, and that everyone can bring something.



Take Route 27 to Highland Park. From the East, turn left on South 3rd Avenue, right on Magnolia and right into the municipal parking lot. From the West, turn right on South 2nd Avenue, left on Magnolia and left into the municipal parking lot.  Enter the Annex from the municipal parking lot that is between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.  The Annex is the building immediately to the right of Irayna Court.  We normally meet in the Parlor on the first floor.




If you would like to become a Minyan member, please contact Judy Richman,
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Listen to Shabbat morning services

Whether you are at home or traveling, you may not have access to a Shabbat morning service.  You are welcome to join our Shabbat morning service, on your schedule, online by following this URL  A CD is also available.  Below is a photo of our members who took part in the recording.