About the Highland Park Minyan 2009 Tzedakah Collective

Our Tzedakah Collective is an annual opportunity for members of the Highland Park Minyan to have a group discussion about the needs in our community and beyond, and the greater impact that we can have by pooling our resources and making larger donations in the name of the Highland Park Minyan. Each year, we nominate a number of charities that will be the potential recipients of our group donations. Our members select the charities by voting for their preferred recipients at the time that they make their contribution to the Collective. The total amount of money that we receive is divided equally, and contributed to the charities receiving the greatest number of votes.

Our procedure gives us an opportunity to help groups that may have a particular need in any given year, educates Minyan members about worthwhile charities to which they may want to make individual contributions, and educates individuals and groups about the Highland Park Minyan and our commitment to justice so that they will know that they have friends in their own community and beyond.
In 2009, our Minyan community raised $5,220! 35 individuals/families, half of those who received the mailing, participated in the collective act of tzedakah. Based on the votes, a check for $580 was distributed to each of the following nine groups:
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