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The Minyan collects and delivers food to the Highland Park Food Pantry, typically in October of each year around the time of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  In 2010 we are collecting starting January 24, with the need even greater as we leave the holiday season.  We ask each family to bring grocery donations to a central location (109 South 4th Avenue -- porch is okay if no one is home), and then we make several deliveries (February 10 and 24) to the food pantry.  Please contact Ruth Matilsky (rmatilsk@physics.rutgers.edu) for additional information or click here.
Next Food Drive Early October 2010
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Minyan's Highland Park Food Pantry Drive -- we had another carload of groceries this morning -- it was very much appreciated. 
And the unfortunate thing is that if you didn't have a chance to shop this time around, the need will still be there in the weeks and months to come -- the summer is particularly difficult for the pantry, and you can always drop food off at Stop and Shop or at Anna's or you can contact me and I'll let you know how to donate it directly to the pantry.

Just so you know -- next year we will be switching back to October -- Simchat Torah looks to be around October 3, so the Holidays will be over and that should work out pretty well.

The first delivery was a Huge Success
So Matt and Athena and I just made a large dropoff at the Food Pantry -- The Subaru was so loaded that they had to walk there to help unload. :-)  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this.  We were able to fill the empty shelves with a lot of overflow.
The good news is that we gathered all that food and it was only from 11 families -- so I'm hopeful that the dropoff in two weeks will also be substantial, as it has been in other years.  I'll be sending reminders of course but today I just wanted to say that I appreciate the time and financial contribution people made to this.  The woman who met us there told me that the MLK food drive was successful, but not as big as last year so that makes our efforts even more important.
Regards to you all,

In 2009 we received the following note...
Dear Highland Park Minyan,
Thank you for your generous support of the Highland Park Food Pantry with your Fall Food Drive.  Your donation kept our shelves stocked for an entire month.  The support of groups like yours is invaluable to the Food Pantry which is currently serving over 90 families a month.  Cash donations enable us to buy cereal and peanut butter as well as other items that are always in short supply.
Thank you for your help.
Highland Park Food Pantry

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