Food Pantry Collection Information

January 5, 2010
Good Morning All,
I want to give everyone a heads up that starting Sunday the 24th of January we will kick off our annual Minyan Food Pantry Drive.

I will be making two dropoffs to the Food Pantry --I'll start collecting on the 24th of January and will drop off the food on or about February 10 and February 24.

As usual you can leave the food on my front porch 109 SOUTH Fourth Avenue -- if I am not home.

It is preferable to have small amounts rather than the large sizes because many people are in small families or live alone and they are limited as to how many shopping bags they can fill. So if there is a giant box of cereal, that will limit their other purchases and the cereal could get stale before they use it up.

Deb R. had suggested to me at one time that I look into Stop & Shop's policy on buying in cases. I just called and was told that there is a slight discount, and I will be calling the manager later today and asking about the details of that. I'll keep you posted.

Don[t worry if this is too much information -- I'll be sending lots of reminders :-) ! Often when I am complaining about my very middle class problems I remind myself that there are people who would love to trade in their hunger for my angst over which organic milk to buy. Looking forward to collecting a lot of food.

Food we will need:
-hot cereal
-canned beans
-canned stews
-canned ravioli
-traditional straight spaghetti and sauce
-canned fish
-canned meat
-boxes of milk
-peanut butter and crackers
-canned fruit
-macaroni and cheese