Alumni Registration

If you are:

1. Current Minyan Friend status.

2. Former HP Minyan members, no longer living in the area.

3. Adult children of HP Minyan members, living in their own household.

you are one of our Alumni. There are no Alumni dues. Donations are always welcome.

Please complete the Alumni Registration Form to be added to our Alumni list.
  1. Please complete the online form, below. You must click on SUBMIT at the very end of your form. Otherwise your information will not be registered.
  2. There is no alumni fee. You may make a voluntary contribution to the HP Minyan, online, in several convenient steps by
    • Following the PayPal steps (including the Cart in Step 3 at the very¬†bottom of the page) and using your credit card or PayPal account

Alumni Form

Voluntary Contributions may be made on-line, by following the next 3 Steps.

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