Donations for New Torah Acquisition

Whether you attend the Minyan regularly, once a year or you just keep up with our news, please help us acquire a lighter, easily readable Torah, to replace our current very heavy Torah. A light Torah will permit many more members of our community to share in the joy and honor of lifting (Hagbah), and holding and processing with the Torah on Shabbat and holidays. We know the approximate cost and the anticipated gain from conveying our current Torah, and we will need to raise $8,000 in donations in addition to applying the proceeds from conveying our current Torah and applying a portion of Minyan savings toward the acquisition.

We will begin the search for a specific Torah that meets our needs 30 days from today, and our goal is to raise the entire $8,000 within the next 30 days to avoid financing charges. It is important to be able to act quickly when a Torah that meets our needs is identified. Of course, this is a significant undertaking given that we have only about 60 adult members, but we are hopeful and are anticipating that every member will participate.

 Please help us march a new Torah under the Minyan’s chuppah, by making your tax deductible contribution on the website (where you can pay by credit card or PayPal) or by mailing your check and completed form (see below) to the address on the form. Please consider making your contribution in honor or in memory of loved ones and complete a separate form for each.

 Thank you for your generous participation.

  1. Please complete the online form, below, for each for each contribution in honor or in memory of loved ones that you list. You must click on SUBMIT at the very end of each form you complete. Otherwise your information will not be registered.
  2. You may then make your credit card or PayPal donation online, in two convenient steps by
    1. Following the PayPal steps (including the Cart in Step 2) at the very bottom of the page

            OR by

    • Downloading and completing this form and sending it with a check payable to the Highland Park Minyan, at the address on the form.


    Voluntary Contributions may be made on-line, by following the next 2 Steps.

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