Donations for New Torah Acquisition

Dear Minyan community,

 The Highland Park Minyan is planning to acquire a lighter, easily readable Torah to replace our current very heavy Torah. A light Torah will enable many more people to share in the joy and honor of lifting (Hagbah), holding, and carrying the Torah on Shabbat and holidays. To acquire a Torah, we must raise $8,000 in donations based on the cost of a light Torah, the anticipated sum we’ll receive from conveying our current Torah, and applying some funds from the Minyan’s savings.

 We will begin the search for a specific Torah in 30 days and will need to respond quickly once a Torah that meets our requirements is identified. Our goal is to raise the entire $8,000 in the next 30 to 60 days to avoid financing charges. We have about 60 adult members in addition to our friends in the community, and we are hopeful that every member as well as our extended Minyan community will participate as generously as is possible for you.

 We are planning to create a chuppah to hold over our new Torah as we welcome it into its new home in a joyful ceremony. Each contributor is invited to share a favorite verse of Torah to be incorporated into the chuppah.

 Whether you’re a regular at the Minyan, attend once a year, or just keep up with Minyan happenings, we ask that you please participate in this mitzvah by making your tax deductible contribution at, where you can pay by credit card or PayPal, or by mailing your check and completed form to HP Minyan, at the address on the paper form.

 As with the building of the Mishkan, we are hopeful that all will be generous so that we easily raise $8,000.

 Please consider making your donation in honor or memory of loved ones.

 On behalf of the Board, I thank you for your generous participation.


 Steve Richman

HP Minyan Chair


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